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RPM was founded in 2022. Although we are a new team we have numerous years of experience and success within our team. Keith Donegan is Team Owner and he raced in many different series in the UK and US. He competed in FRECA 2022 which gave him great insight into the car and championship. Our team manager, Roberto Cavallari was founder of JD Motorsport. They previously ran a team in FRECA and he was won 11 team titles since 1996. The roots of RPM comes from years of success with RP Motorsport. The team lead by Niki Rocca won 7 European Championships since 1998. Niki and all the technical staff remained and are now at the heart of RPM. We are passionate, professional, serious and are now ready to get back to winning ways.

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Team Owner

Keith Donegan


Noah Strømsted


Giovanni Maschio


Edgar Pierre

2024 Objectives

After a strong 2023 resulting in 2 podiums and a P4 in the Team Championship, we want to continue our progress in 2024. Being it our 3rd year to this championship, this year we want to fight for race victories. We are well-prepared and ready to take on this challenge!

Team Owner
Keith Donegan


For general enquries, information on dates, races, circuits or requests regarding partnerships or sponsorships, use the contact page. Each request is processed within 48 hours of its submission.


Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10am to 2pm
RPM S.r.l., Strada Provinciale 10, Nr. 52, 29013 Cerini di Gropparello, Piacenza, Italy
+39 335 6060405